November 5, 2018

Burton Embry and I tackle the issue of what additional risks mortgage lenders are taking on to remain competitive, specifically risks that may potentially violate the LO Comp rule. Listen in as Burt and I explore the issue and what may be permissible.

October 30, 2018

Social media monitoring of your loan originators is a hot topic right now filled with risks and challenges for the lender. What happens when your top-producing LO is found to have made statements on her Facebook page that could ultimately result in litigation or a UDAAP claim by a regulator? Listen in as Carmella and I discuss what you should be thinking about.

February 20, 2018

Let's face it...compliance risk management isn't sexy (even by compliance geek standards), but it has a tremendous impact on your company's bottom line. Technology issues, training and constantly changing laws mean there's always a technical violation waiting to happen, but we don't always have the staffing we need. Listen as Ray and I discuss the mortgage general counsel's view of what effective compliance risk management looks like when you're faced with difficult decisions that happen every day. We tackle real-world examples and show you effective ways to deal with them.

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