December 19, 2017

We are just a few short days away from the new HMDA rule implementation. What last minute details are your peers concerned most about? Why are people revisiting their existing HMDA data collection procedures? Listen in as I discuss with resident HMDA expert Melissa Kozicki!



December 12, 2017

Although we're just days away from the HMDA rule's January 1 effective date, there have been rumblings that the CFPB might be inclined to either delay or announce a one-year voluntary compliance period. A last-minute announcement is a real possibility, for which you should be prepared. What's your plan to deal with it?


December 5, 2017

Rich is back, this time to update us on the future of the CFPB with acting director Mick Mulvaney leading the charge with a full review of CFPB functions. Should we expect a freeze on new regulation and enforcement activities? What does this mean for the Bureau and its staff? Find out more.


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